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Our Company History

It was 1955 when Gus and Dell Moore made the move from Waleska to Resaca, Georgia. While Mrs. Moore took after the home, children and the books, Gus and a few workers operated Moore's Seed and Grain Farms, Inc. Through the 1960's, 70's and 80's, the Moore family started a sow operation, a steer operation, and several broiler houses, all while continuing to produce corn, wheat and soybeans. In fact, Gus had the first concrete slatted floor feedlot and sealed silo operation east of the Mississippi River that hosted 1,000 steers. The 100 head sow operation produced over 1400 feeder pigs annually.  It was important to Gus to know where the feed came from and how it was made.  In turn, the Moore's produced the feed for all of the livestock on their farm from the land where they grew the row crops. The Moore's have continued that tradition by making your livestock feed from their land today through Resaca Sun Feeds, LLC.  

Combining his two passions, farming and flying, Gus Moore built his own landing strip and founded Moore's Flying Service in the late 1960's.  Flying a 650 horsepower, Grumman Ag Cat biplane, Gus's skills were employed across North Georgia by farmers and ranchers to apply crop protection products to land and row crops.  To this day, stories are continued to be passed around by people who remember going out and watching Gus Moore fly the land.

After moving to Resaca in 1955 and growing up working on the farm with their father Gus, Joe and Tim Moore joined the family farm to work full-time in the early 1970's. Under the three Moore men's leadership, Moore's Seed and Grain Farms produced and bagged certified soybean seed and increased row crop production to over 4,500 acres of double crop production.  After some research, the Moore family decided to start processing oilseeds and founded Resaca Sun Products, an Expeller Pressed oil mill.  Beginning in 2006 processing non-GMO Winter Canola and High Oleic Sunflowers, the small pilot oil mill plant gave the opportunity for the Moore's to see the benefit of adding non-GMO Canola and Sunflowers into the crop rotation on the farm.  The added benefit allows the farm to produce Winter non-GMO Canola and follow with non-GMO Soybeans in the summer.  This double crop rotation has increased the soybean yields by as much as 10% and increased the following wheat crop by 5%.  Knowing the benefits of the five crop rotation, Corn, Canola, Soybeans, Wheat and Sunflowers, the Moore's decided to expand the Oil Mill to its current capacity, 50 tons per day, in 2008.

After visiting a feed facility in Colorado, the Moores' decided it was time to get back to their roots.  They previously used the row crops from the farm to feed their livestock; therefore, they were witness to the advantage of feeding high-quality, locally produced feed and feed ingredients to their livestock.  The Moore's recognized the importance of knowing where and how the feed and feed ingredients were produced.  The Moore's decided to continue that tradition of making feed using their personally grown ingredients by starting Resaca Sun Feeds, LLC in 2011.  Over 90% of the raw material used in Resaca Sun Feeds' non-GMO feeds are sourced form Moore's Seed and Grain Farms, Inc. and Resaca Sun Products, LLC.  The Moore's farm produces Corn, Wheat, Oats, Barley, Grain Sorghum, Sunflowers, Soybeans and Canola.  Resaca Sun Products produces Sunflower Meal, Soybean Meal and Canola Meal.  Resaca Sun Feeds, LLC uses the ingredients to make the only southern sourced and produced, all-natural, non-GMO animal feeds. 

Recently, Resaca Sun Feeds and Resaca Sun Products have become Non-GMO Project verified and have expanded their non-GMO feeds to all livestock and production animals.  Furthermore, Dell Moore still resides on the farm at the young age of 91.  Gus is now farming with the great creator. He passed away May 2018.  

Gus and Dell's family have grown over the years.  Tim Moore and Joe and Martha Moore also reside and work on the farm full-time.  Following as a third generation farmer, Andrew Moore, Joe's son, joined the family business in 2008.  He manages Resaca Sun Feeds and assists the farm during the busy seasons.  

Thank you for your interest in our story.  Please feel free to contact us for more information about our history and what is coming next on Fite Bend Road.